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    About Us

    Al Nalburiye Hirdavat San. Tic. and Ltd. Sti.

    "We have been continuing our service and quality standards since 1972 at the highest level and our leading company in the sector offers you the opportunity to find every product you want quickly and easily with our rich product range."

    Company Profile

    Al Nalburiye Hardware Trade and Industry Ltd. Was founded in 1972 by Sayın Lokman YILMAZ at Kürekciler Caddesi No: 11 Karaköy / İSTANBUL and started its commercial activity and developed steadily until these days.

    Al Nalburiye which started as a main activity of the company in the field of hardware and hardware supplies, has been proved itself in the domestic and international markets with its 130.000 pcs of material and based on the sector and customer needs after the expanding customer portfolio. As it is in the country, it has contributed to the national income of the country by making sales abroad as well.

    Our Company has always kept the concept of "Service and Quality First" in the foreground. Increasing product quality, increasing capacity and low cost product targets brought technological investments. Increase and settlement of work towards service and quality In 2004, TÜRKAK and DAR accredited qualified ISO 9001: 2002 quality management system certificate. Again, since the 1990s, our branding efforts have gained momentum and Al Nalburiye brand has become our registered trademark for use in our products.

    Today, Al Nalburiye offers services in all kinds of industry and service sector on material design and can respond to any special orders. Al Nalburiye continues to work with AR-GE besides standard products, and continues to research products that will provide more useful and ease of use to customers. Our company has been participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions for about 2000 years and has been trying to introduce its products both in our country and abroad. Our company indirectly and directly exports by increasing the external customer portfolio day by day and continues to lead.

    Our company continues its activities in Karaköy region with its expert staff in its fields.


    Our Vision

    We are Vision as AL NALBURİYE FAMILY;
    First of all, to reach the position that can lead the sector in the domestic and international market, to deliver quality products, to deliver on time and customer satisfaction as its principle. It has become one of the leading and leading organizations that can meet the demands of the customers by focusing on the continuous development with the staff and becoming the leading company on the market.

    AL NALBURİYE, one of the most established and leading companies in the hardware sector, is Karaköy, where the hardware industry is putting its heart out. In Istanbul, we have two centers, one central store and one showroom, and one in Kazakhstan.


    Our Mission

    Our Mission as AL NALBURİYE FAMILY;
    All kinds of products our customers need; to undertake as its duty to provide it on time and on suitable conditions, as with the latest innovations provided by the developing technology, to have the specified characteristics in international standards, and to share this task with all of our stakeholders. In addition, it is among the priorities of our company that our customers are carrying out the necessary functions of the equipments and devices which have the needs and desires, and ergonomic structure considering the health and safety of workers. In addition, our company has meticulously emphasized;
    Our after-sales service and warranty services for the products sold are the most basic indication that we are behind the products sold. the activities of our ongoing mission, using the latest and advanced equipment that gave us modern technology, developing and growing Turkey in the market unceasingly always one step ahead of increasingly competitive and maintain customer satisfaction and trust constantly in the foreground, is always to be preferred partners for them.


    Our Values

    Our customers are our parents. Our employees are our foundation stones. Quality products and services are right for all our customers. To keep our activities in a transparent modern and dynamic structure by using all the means of communication until the last, to take care to be an example organization with superior business ethics, fair and honest behavior and to keep productivity, efficiency, productivity and quality at the forefront.

    Every worker is an active part of our team.


    Our Quality Policy

    Al Nalburiye Hardware Trade Company's Quality Policy is as follows;
    Our technology and living conditions require that the era of customer satisfaction while providing the best way to evaluate our company in Turkey and around the world reliable, stable and bring it to a leading position in the sector. To invest in the maximum level to develop our employees and all the technological equipment we use. While we increase our service quality by applying internationally accepted quality standards to our management, we work with our customers in an endless harmony with our technical consultancy and after sales services. To be in constant cooperation with supplier companies in mutual trust. To ensure that human resources are assessed in the best possible way and work is minimal, motivation development and sense of belonging. To ensure that the service provided meets international standards and customer expectations and needs.

    Evaluating, planning, implementing and controlling all activities in the status of a process and continuously improving it. yapımızı using competitive in the world market contribute to Turkey's economy.

    Quality Certificates

    Iso 9001:2015      Iso 14001:2015       Ohsas 18001:2007

    Product Types

    Electric and non-electric hand tools, abrasive wheels, roller band and water abrasives, ceramic and tile cutting machines, saws, mold materials and auxiliary equipments, joinery machines and equipments, concrete and construction machines, welding machines, water motors, lifting and handling machines , all kinds of locks and hinges, door handles, window latches, furniture and kitchen accessories, faucets, batteries and all kinds of installation materials screws, bolts, nails, garden and hobby tools, building chemicals, silicone and foams, security cameras, automatic locking systems ... and many more, you can find many kinds of products under our company.